The cone of learning: A tool to improve your memory

Learning is very joyful and gives refreshment to a person. Learning is also very good to a child. There are many books and different kinds of writings that we can be able to read. There are also the magazines that feature tips to anything or gives advice. There are also the technical ones that require a basic knowledge for understanding it. Sometimes we just read a magazine that gives us recipes for cooking. we can also hear or watch in the television or radio many things.

The problem is that how can we be able to remember all the things that we have read, heard or watch? We can understand it in the infographic above that shows about the cone of learning of creating like how this company serves in cleaning service, you could check here 淨麗美清潔服務 .The cone presents the different aspect and level of remembering things.

The very good things to remember is in the last part of the cone and that is to be able to say it and not just that but to do it like this detailed cleaning company, open this link 淨麗美清潔. If you practice what you say then you can be able to remember it ninety percent compared to just seeing it with a thirty percent.