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Children Too Suffer From Depression

It is a common knowledge that only teenagers and adults are depressed.  It is surprising to know that children also suffer from stress. Psychologists explain that teenagers who are suffering from mental problems could have been started when they were children. Why are they depresses? They are depressed due to their surroundings, social behaviour, people

Necessity of Education in this Age

Nelson Mandela said that the most powerful tool to success is education. This is very true to mankind because if there is no education, there is no knowledge. Without knowledge, there is no application, no application-no job, no job-no food. So parents really try to send their children to school even in difficult situations and

The top 4 e-learning FAQs answered simply

Education is the main priority that parents should be able to provide to their children after giving their basic physical needs. It is already written as a law that children has a right to education but it is not followed still in many countries. Many parents cannot send their children to school because they do