Why Homeschool?

Learning should be exciting. When couples began to have thier offsprings, it then become a family, big or small. While kids are growing, parents will think what do their children who are going to 3, 4 or 5 do? A lot of parents feel to do something different for the children.

Learning in the school and learning at home are different. The environment, the teachers, etc are some of the differences. However, some parents prefern to homeschool their children. Why is it so? Learning in the school is meeting different teachers, can be bad or good. For other parents, learning in the school is not parent centric. So in order to ensure that their children are truly learning, parents want homeschooling better than learning in the school. Besides, parents and children can have bonding together.

Engaging children in homeschooling is likely protecting them academically, emotionally, physically. Homeschooling can help children from boredom and complacency. No parents would want to miss their children being educated. So of course, even if they are the teachers themselves for their children, they will make sure that children are going to learn a lot. As they know their children’s interests, it is very easy for them to alleviate their children’s boredom.

Homeschool provides opportunity for parents to teach their children appropiate context, thoughts and ideas on the basis of truth. Homeschool environment helps children how to think instead of what to think. Though they will be educated in this kind of environment, it does not mean that they are being sheltered, instead, they can learn more, they can pursue whatever they want to pursue. Children at homeschool can express more as they feel comfort within the environment and teachers (parents). No one will bully them, no one will criticize them. Whatever these kids want to do, so long as it is for their good, they are free to do.

Parents are good teachers too. Being a good parent and at the same good teacher, children will grow with great education and personality.