The top 3 reasons why teachers use technology in teaching

The books are the major source of reference for teachers when the internet technology does not yet exist. Encyclopedias and many journals or any source of lessons are used by teachers mainly to be able to teach topics to their students. They are the ones who create themselves any style so they can be able to teach creatively or actively. They are the main source of information followed by books so most students ask help from them. That situation gradually changed to a new setting of technology.

It first includes using television and movies or documentaries to nurture the student’s curiosity and a need for knowledge. Tapes and CDs are produced to aid the education system and it worked well for those times. Now it became more advance as the internet has taken into control over the human activities and that includes education also. Many argue about the importance of using technology in education and a high percentage of teachers agree to include it in teaching, observe this. Many of them are already using it and many creative teachers are appreciated by students.

If you see in the infographic you can see the top three reasons why teachers want to include technology in teaching like tablets, computers and more. It is because they help students to adapt to different learning styles, they help to boost the student’s motivation to learn and it is useful to enhance the topic or subject that is being taught.