Necessity of Education in this Age

Nelson Mandela said that the most powerful tool to success is education. This is very true to mankind because if there is no education, there is no knowledge. Without knowledge, there is no application, no application-no job, no job-no food. So parents really try to send their children to school even in difficult situations and circumstances because they know how important it is to be educated. Actually, it is not something to brag about because there are many rich people without even graduating from college.

It does not mean that we become rich by not pursuing our dream. Of course, on this earth, everything happens for a reason. We do not control our world, so we do not also see what is ahead. Therefore, everyone is just trying to fulfill their goal. If a person wants to be a staff for the Aerospace but he foresee that he is going to graduate but do not work as a staff, what good is studying about it? The problem is that no one can see what is ahead.

What we are just trying to do as individuals is to do dream and make every effort to achieve that dream. There are countless people who never age up of their dream and task yet became a successful people. Education is the key to success. This is what we need in order to survive from this painful world. The moment we become successful is the moment we also think of how we can help others to survive because not all really will become successful financially.