Children Too Suffer From Depression

It is a common knowledge that only teenagers and adults are depressed.  It is surprising to know that children also suffer from stress. Psychologists explain that teenagers who are suffering from mental problems could have been started when they were children. Why are they depresses? They are depressed due to their surroundings, social behaviour, people that they see and most probably lack of attention. It is normal for children to seek for an attention. The love that binds a family needs to embrace children.

A study shows that children who have experienced parent’s love since they are young can become knows how to handle relationships between and among people. There are many kids showing not normal behaviour while growing up. This can be caused by their troubles with the family and environment. They show irritability and anger over trivial matters. When they reach their puberty stage, the troubles that they have gone through will come out. It is very sad to say that children suffer from such things and that these grow while they also grow.

The sad reality too is that mental problems are hard to solve because when you suffered from depression, you do not want to live. Even if you have recovered from it, there is still a little trace that does not fade away. Once something goes wrong, this trace will be show up again. How painful it is to be depressed. This is why as young as thirteen or fourteen, students commit suicide. We can know how deadly mental depression is. Physical and mental illness lead to death.