A Step Towards Growth and Development

Homeschool is a step towards broader learning. It has been a theory that when children are taught well at home, they will do well in school. Almost all mothers try to teach their children at home before sending them to school because they believe that when children go to school, they can cope immediately with the lesson that the teacher gives them. This is absolutely true. In many case, pupils perform well when their parents guide them. For parents who have no time to teach their children, they just send their kids to pre-schooling more than once starting at an early age. Some kids undergo kindergarten twice or thrice until they will gain a basic understanding on what a school is.

Homeschooling is also beyond learning alphabets and language attributes or whatever knowledge there is. There is discipline in homeschooling. Discipline actually starts at home. There is no greater learning than discipline. This is why character discipline plus learning is the best thing a child must acquire while growing. Of course, they can be learned how to be disciplined in the school but there is a great difference if their home is already established as a model for growing and learning. A School is place where they will be exposed with different skills they can be trained for so that they can be good and professional someday and that they would have something to boast about. Psychologist have already created a theory that those children taught by their parents more likely respond well in school being active enough in the learning process compared to those who are not being guided at home. This is why homeschooling creates a great impact to children’s growth and development mentally and socially.