Children Learn Faster than Adults

Since we already know that children learn faster than adults, why? What are the factors that affects the children’s fast learning brain and the factors that affect adults’ a bit slow learning? According to scientist, there is a natural system of our body regarding brain structure. The brain structure of a child contains billions of neurons interconnected with each other.

The frontal cortex acting as a the cognitive control of the brain is the reason why people can learn faster and slower.

What happens in this area of the brain? Actually, according to neurologists, there are more neurons or nerve cells that are created newly in a the brain of a child than in the brain of children.

This neurons can actively connect with each other making the brain more active in recognizing things easier that adults brain does. In the process of the brain structure, there is proteins that actively run through the neurons, when this proteins called LilrB2 acting as neural stabilizer are disturbed, neurons can easily be connected with each other making the brain work quicker.

This was proven through an experiment in a mouse brain in each stage, whenever the proteins are interrupted, the neurons of the mouse are interconnected quickly. Thus while growing as an adult, we become slower in learning due to the stages we go through. It is a theory that adult’s brain is degraded from learning when they are full of stresses in life and that makes it possible for them to become slow.